My Weather

I’m thinking about the weather and the changes. I feel so much like weather in the sense that everything comes and goes. Sunlight and feeling sunny and then clouds and rain. Storms too. Somehow when a storm comes I find myself trying to figure out why? When the suns out inside myself I don’t feel a need to ask why. I’m practicing catching myself around all the stories I create around my own bad weather. It comes and it goes and I find nature as always such an incredible role model and teacher for this . I also find when the weather starts to turn toward winter some fear comes up. Why? For me I am so conditioned like so many of us to be such a doer and it feels scary to do less. This is what I so long for the stillness, the quiet, the slowing down, yet my head often goes right to lazy and not getting the list checked off, not being a giver 100%. Again great practice for me to catch myself and not give into the crazy overdoing. I love winter for the health of non doing.

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