Act, Not Just Talk

I woke up really sad and angry but the real feeing is sadness. I feel it was about friendship. I love friends I think friendship is so important. yet I find in these crazy neurotic busy times it is hard to fully connect. I long for this I miss this I crave this. yes I have friends. I dig them deeply and yet I feel often we are like passing ships. HELP!!!! anyway this was what I woke with. I know for me more and more I am making in my life friendship and family a priority. what this means to me is quality time together, listening, letting folks know how much I care about them and taking action VS saying how can I help you. I learned when Mom had her major stroke that offering help is actually not helpful. Taking action is where it is at and acting through and on is a great thing. How many folks do you know who are like this?? I do my best to model this to act and not just talk.

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