America’s Most Obsessed City?

I read that Time Magazine has named Boulder, ‘America’s Most Active City’. This may sound like a great honor yet I have found that there is an aggressive and obsessive quality in all this.

In last week’s editorial section of the Daily Camera an old training buddy of mine wrote a very sad editorial about ‘an uncaring nature in Boulder.’ Richard Craft was injured on the trail and so many of these very ‘active Boulderites’ ran right by him moving fast and trying to get in their workout. Somehow Richard was left to crawl out of the woods on a bloody stump of a leg since his prosthesis had failed. It is a busy time in our lives and we can get caught up in our own worlds. In my experience it is often difficult to face things we are uncomfortable with particularly when we are preoccupied with ourselves. But why didn’t anyone stop to help him?

Truly, there are so many wonderful benefits of being active in our incredible city where Chief Niwot lost his life protecting this profound and sacred land. Yet today with our frenetically busy lives many of us bring neurotic energy patterns to the trails and this is potentially harmful and hurtful to others and ourselves. Let’s use our full expression of breath that many of us learn in yoga class to slow down and to experience the gifts of nature. And most importantly, let’s use these gifts to help others that need it along the way.

Please take it from a former maniac in Boulder. I have learned that if I train or exercise less there is more energy freed up to help others and work. Truthfully, genuine happiness can shine through in the precious, still moments. Let’s team up and help one another with this activity of kindness. Thank you Boulder for an incredible landscape in which we all get to live and play.

Next time let Boulder be voted the most ‘active’ in service and compassion.

Diane Israel

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