Hello Boulder

Hello Boulder,

Fifty four thousand folks ran and walked the Bolder Boulder 10k Monday– what a sight. No longer running roads I chose to watch. It was a profound human experience watching a sea of unique beings each with their own stories, reasons, purpose, grief, happiness, hopes, wishes, body image etc. I found myself crying in big tears Why? Humanity’s potential and abilities. Then I thought, wow, taking to the streets. What would happen if we all got together and did this and other taking to the street events for great causes to support, heal and love our planet? But what would these causes be? How can we work together? How can we agree on what is really best for our planet? How do we know what really helps and doesn’t help? I have no answers but I do know that taking to the streets is so powerful and useful and we all stopped doing it when Kennedy and Martin Luther King got shot– too scary for most. At least around important causes. Then as I biked home I watched 54 thousand folks disperse in the Boulder streets that are usually filled with cars and traffic still filled yet it was amazing to see everyone walking and being outside on an incredible day together. Then I had an image of us all across America really getting out of our cars and using our feet to take over the streets together so it is safer for all. What a concept, what a project. For me to give up my comfort of driving it feels like it needs to be a law. I fool myself as I continually make plans to ride my bike more and walk more. I get so caught up using my car. All this incredible amazing energy and incredible training that folks did for this wonderful event. How do we use this energy and make it useful? Am I asking us for too much?

Another thought totally off the subject is about mail solicitations for contributions. What if somehow organizations that give were combined? Every day like all of you, I see the needs around the world and it is so overwhelming. I do my bit, I try to Tithe a lot of what I make but how cool would it be if we could contribute to a global fund that was able to do what was needed? As I write this I see how challenging this is. To all of you love to you all. Take to your streets and let’s see what we can create to support our world especially for future generations.

With Thought and Questions


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