You Are Enough!

We recently had a screening at Aims College and here are some of the comments left about what they learned from the film.  I wanted to share a few of their comments after viewing the film:

  • Many people have many problems with their beauty
  • How to approach children about how media portrays beauty
  • Would love to know more.
  • My genius
  • Food is free
  • Be yourself and no one else.
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder /yourself.
  • It is not all about body image!!!
  • Be happy for the way you look.  Everyone is beautiful in some way inside/outside
  • Not to take crap!
  • Who Diane Israel is and why her message is critical to all
  • What beauty truly is!
  • Inside beauty is the most important!
  • When women think about beauty they don’t like to talk about themselves with positive words
  • Please bring the speaker to Aims more often!  VERY good program!!  Really enjoyed it!
  • How to focus on inner beauty instead of appearance
  • Not to conform to the world’s image of beauty
  • Beauty- they way that you see beauty is what is inside
  • Everyone’s beautiful just the way they are!
  • To love yourself/for who you are
  • Being a beautiful person is easy as long as you ?

The question at the end is what all of us need to find for ourselves.

Healing, true healing comes from within knowing yourself, and have fun in the discovery!  Not everyone heals the same and the most importantly the journey towards healing is individual.    We can help each other by sharing our stories.

That is way I am so passionate and devoted to sharing my own personal story.  Whether I am speaking to a large or small group I hope to reach as many people as possible.  Inspiring and engaging the world towards reflection and healing are my main goals.

It is so hard in our society that teaches you to buy things to fix yourself as if you are never enough.  My message is clear, you are enough and you are worth love!

I am about to go on another speaking tour stayed tuned to our screening page for more information please click here.

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