A Valentine Gift for YOU!

Hello Beauty Marks and Happy February! Today we have a special gift for all our readers and just in time for Valentine’s Day! A couple weeks ago Diane was invited to lead a TeleClass for Marc David’s class. Although the course is taught to students who are studying to become therapists, the same techniques and ideas that Diane offers for dealing with difficult clients can be used in situations at home! If you are dealing with family or friends who are struggling or even if you need help in dealing with your own PERSONAL struggles please listen to this teleclass that we are sharing with you this week!

What You’ll Learn:

1. How to “take your seat”. Grounding with family members or friends in distress or struggle.

2. Ways to foster an environment of positivity amongst the struggle that is taking place.

3. What your “Shenpa” is and how to get unhooked from it using “The Four R’s” developed by Pema Chodron.

4. 11 take away slogans that you can use in your everyday life. Take the one you need most in this moment and meditate on it!

5. And finally, how to investigate your own boundaries & limitations while always seeking more knowledge.

Enjoy the class by clicking this link:  http://db.tt/3qXHhIbl

Take Action Steps:


Good luck Beauty Marks! We believe in you! Please let us know what your experience was via email or on the Facebook page!

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