Diane Israel’s Birthday Blog…It Snows White

It snows white. How does the earth continue to be so incredible and stay pure white when we bring such darkness and destruction to our environment and to our lives?

I am so grateful today and everyday. I am blown away and blown open by the miracle of this precious life, this extraordinary existence, and this profound in and out breath. Watching my Mom, who has been paralyzed for 14 years now, show up everyday fully with an attitude of, “YES! YES! I am GRATEFUL. I AM HERE. I AM SO FORTUNATE TO BE ALIVE”! What an Inspiration. What a role model. WHAT AN ACT TO FOLLOW!  So I go out running, at 52 years old, on Saturday the 25th and I’m reminded how lucky and blessed I am! I am able to run. I am amazed by life…amazed at being alive…amazed at my Body. 

I am so grateful to my body! I beat my body up for years and I took so much out on it and it’s just phenomenal how I’ve healed. I’m in awe of how my body moves today, the incredible forgiveness my body has offered me, and how my body keeps breathing. I am passionate about being alive and overwhelmed that we’re in a body that we have this vessel to transport our souls. How much Space is there in the universe and we’re contained in this form. Now that’s something!

I am feeling healthier today then I have ever experienced and I know its all because of this body & mind connection I’ve been cultivating over the years. The coolest revelation I have discovered is that nothing goes away everything is included. Moods, feelings, and emotions are all part of this package of life. Finally, I’m not habitually putting a story to what doesn’t feel good that doesn’t make sense. I know a lot of us prefer dramatic movies to bland  ones yet a little less drama feels sweet.

In these wild and techno times I feel so grateful that nature is still here, that it still snows white, and that I inhabit a body. The best birthday gift has been knowing that i feel home in my skin. Thank you all for being in my life. Your friendship, love, wisdom, and grace has gifted me everything. You are loved. I thank you all for being on this human ride.

-Diane Israel

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