Stop Living In Shame by Diane Israel

Most of us have enough going on in our heads that says things like I’m not good enough,  its my fault, I’m the source of the problem and on and on. If we don’t have that tape going on then we probably here another tape playing…something like, “I’m ok the world is the problem and I’m disappointed in everyone or everything outside of myself”. Whatever station you’re tuned into, it does not seem useful or at all helpful how politics and environmental issues are dealt with to perpetuate these core messages and beliefs. Headlines scream things like, “We better fight back, We must beat the other, can you believe what they’re doing????”. Who is they really??? Maybe it is just our shadow?

How about a new paradigm! I think most of us have enough guilt for this lifetime I think most of us want to help this planet, yet with an attitude of you better shape up… body too…or ship out it’s easy to feel at a loss of how to really help? I no longer can deal with all the e-mails that start with, “Can you believe them. We have to win” etc etc. It feels as shitty as junk mail. Are you sick of it too??

So I just read in Time magazine something that felt right. Something that was hopeful and good. Instead of focusing on the Footprint we are all leaving, because we all know we are and it is a problem, how about leaving a “hand-print”?? How about doing something positive like Lorax like planting trees? or starting on a small level and taking baby steps to help? This seems a lot more useful then shutting off and down with shame and guilt and doing nothing. I know personally I do my best everyday to leave a hand-print. Check out  How about if we all start to work with solutions of joy and hope and leave the bull shit games and negative behind. I’m into launching rockets of change and possibility.New ideas and vision. The eye for and eye game seems really old to me. Lets inspire one another in a fresh and what’s possible way. I know our awesome pre frontal lobes are much more capable then continuing to resort to our ancient reptilian brain. Want to play??? Want to have fun changing the world? want to join in?? Let me know your thoughts. I’m ready for some play and, as my friend says any jews for the jews for joy club?? She is still hoping for some.

With LOVE and ease and breath!!!  Diane

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