The Beautiful Energy Within You

There are 2 kinds of beauty: there is an outer beauty that is what we see, and aesthetic, something looks pleasing to us.  And there is an inner beauty that is non-physical, more a feeling/energy that lives in side us.  Some say this inner beauty is our soul’s light or our heart’s radiance.  In our individual lives I am sure we can think of many ways that we work on our external beauty (exercise, diet, clothes
cosmetics, plastic surgery etc)

Do we spend an equal amount of time/and or money developing our inner beauty? Probably not.

Here is a simple exercise that you can do everyday for a few minutes that is a great start to getting in touch with the Beautiful energy that lives inside you:

Sit quietly some where. Close your eyes and allow your attention to come to your breath.  Follow the inhale, the exhale and the pause.  As you allow your energy to drop and ground,  start to scan  your body.  Where does it feel beautiful to you?   Where do you a feeling of Love? it may be a place that you find you relax more or that feels warm and inviting.  Stay with this space.  Just notice and explore it.
This beautiful space is you.  You can return to this feeling any time you want….

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