A Note from Diane

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for your loving kindness and beautiful cards at this very transitional and transformational time. Today two weeks from the day that Mom died I woke up feeling very sad and empty. My partner Lindsey beautifully help me realize that I was preparing for my Mom’s death for many years, however I never prepared for my own death around loosing MOM!

I had the privilege to care for Mom for 15years. This was an honor. I was very blessed to have a Mom who never complained or said why me. How profound is this? A big part of me feels lost without the amazing role of caretaker. Through Mom’s challenges I learned healthy care taking not over care taking. This as most of us know is a real art.

The biggest gift I got today from Mom is around the theme of Doing Vs Being! There is so much wisdom grace and purpose in BEING . Why is it that we are all DOING so so much when Being, silence and stillness and listening holds everything. Mom said to me the other day” Everything is in the Stillness”. I learned this tremendous gift from Mom. How do we teach our children and ourselves this most essential purpose of BEING ALIVE?

Ironically because I feel so much loss and emptiness at times my instinct was to get busy. Maybe I am missing something? I caught myself around this and realized wow Diane remember from Mom existing is where it is at. The jewels of my life are found in the non doing un doing. Thank you Mom for modeling this to me for 15 years. Rich or poor stillness , listening and nature are free. How amazing is this.


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2 Responses to A Note from Diane

  1. Christine Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Diane. You are radiant and amazing and your mom will always shine through you for all of us to enjoy. XOXO

  2. Ellen Hart says:

    I’m so sorry about your mom, Diane. Much love.

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