All Aboard


We came here to witness.

We came here to die.

Yet if we choose grace,

we can listen and learn.

For there is not one of us,

 who escapes death.


 we bear witness to everlasting LOVE.

Use everyday to SEE

thru the illusions of scarcity

that make us contract.

Passionately DIVE into truths

and listen as you feel

into your bones and mine.

 May we touch one another gently,

and recognize our connected roots.

Softening the blow

of our long journey HOME.

Between worlds

LOVE traverses

the ONE true path that includes ALL.


This is a healing train.

FEAR not whether you are

coming or going.

Ask only, to stay awake, within your heart’s eyes.

Seeing and feeling,

make LOVE

ever so gently

in each present moment.

Disappear in JOY.

Enter thru the 3 doorways:





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