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Paula Allen

Paula Allen is a New York photographer whose internationally known work focuses primarily on women and girls whose outsider status places them within larger social struggles. Her photos have been seen in such publications as U.S. News and WorldReport,The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, The London Independent Magazine, Ms. Magazine, Paris Match, The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine and Art In America.

As a documentary photographer, Paula has been dedicated to recording the histories of women with her photos and her words. What makes her unique is her long-term approach to her subject matter. Her projects are ongoing and friendships with the subjects are continuous. Ladies, a collaborative piece by Paula Allen and Eve Ensler deals with women in New York shelters. Another project inspired by Paula’s interactions in the shelters is the story of Angelina/Foxy, a homeless woman in New York City, who through a turn of events had to give up her four sons and became a prostitute.

Over the past 18 years, Paula has photographed many international events, including the Birth of Solidarity in Poland (1981), the European Nuclear Disarmament Movement (1982), the Dismantling of the Berlin Wall (1989), the Defeat of Chilean Dictator General Pinochet (1989) and Chechen Refugee Camps in the Russian Federation for Amnesty International (2001). She has also made many trips to New Orleans to document the lives of several families devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Paula is completing a book, Homecomings, which weaves together these stories.

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Tracy Frankel

Tracy Frankel has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Her career started in New York City but her love for the outdoors took her to Southern California where she lived for 15 years. Following that same love of the outdoor lifestyle, Tracy now resides in Park City, Utah, although she continues to travel the U.S. and the world. Her vibrant photographs have appeared in magazines and advertisements worldwide. She has shot for such publications as Sports Illustrated, Runners World, Motorboating Magazine, Time, Newsweek and Shape magazine.

Tracy has photographed 14 Ironman World Championship Triathlons, is an NFL photographer and was the Photo Supervisor for Ski Jumping at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Whether hanging out of a helicopter to shoot an active volcano or photographing underwater, her love of color and life is evident in her work.

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Andy Katz

The photographs created by Andy Katz have taken him around the globe. From the Old Country in Eastern Europe to the California wine country, which he now calls home, his subjects are as diverse as his travels and adventures.

The images in Andy’s books, A Portrait of Napa and Sonoma; Vineyard; The Heart of Burgundy, Tuscany and its Wines; Robert Mondovi Winery; and Private Reserve, have been described by vintners, photographers, critics and other readers as breathtaking. His evocative work is featured in museums and galleries worldwide including his own in Boulder, Colorado, and Healdsburg, California.

Andy discovered his love for photography at a young age. Admittedly, he had been chasing his classmates around the playground with his camera since as early as the third grade. But when he was 11, his father brought home a book of black and white portraits by the legendary Canadian photographer Yosuf Karsh. It was as if a flashbulb went off in his soul. “I was amazed. His work was all large-format and his prints were so vivid you felt you could actually touch the person’s skin. The tonality, the technique—it was all truly exquisite. I was mesmerized.” How ironic that years later, Karsh would count himself among the many proud collectors of Andy’s photos.

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Amanda Koster

Amanda Koster is an internationally acclaimed photographer who has made it her mission to document some of the world’s more compelling issues. She combines her anthropology background with photographic and videography skills to create media content as a means for effective communication, storytelling and learning.

Amanda studied photography in NYC at the International Center for photography and holds a BA degree in anthropology. She works with magazines, newspapers, design agencies and non-profit organizations around the world. Amanda has worked extensively with youth media projects internationally, teaching photography as a tool for visual storytelling, creating a voice and outlet for underrepresented youth. She will begin to lead international sustainable tours that focus on human rights advocacy and compassionate adventure.

Amanda devotes equal time to her personal projects. Several long-term projects include “AIDS Is Knocking,” still photos and video interviews of AIDS orphans and widows of the Luo tribe in Rabuor, Kenya. “Before Harmony: Moroccan Women’s Song Project,” a collaboration with Festival Fès, documents female Berber and Arab Musicians of Morocco with hopes to spark an interest in this region and also show that there is more than one image of Women in Islam.

Another project,This Is Beautiful,” is an ongoing multiple award-winning project that redefines the innate beauty of all women. “This Is Beautiful” has exhibited widely in USA and Canada in galleries and universities as a multi-media installation and images appear in Beauty Mark. Lastly “Andrew’s Roots,” is a project about her beloved grandfather, an immigrant from Romania, and his village. Generous grants from Kodak Professional support all of these projects.

Amanda will be featured as one of fifty women in the upcoming book In Their Shoes by Deborah Reber. The book will give teen girls the real scoop on different careers through intimate day-in-the-life profiles of women who are thriving in their fields. The goal is to arm a generation of girls with the information and the inspiration to make smart choices and realize their dreams.

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Christopher LaMarca

Christopher LaMarca studied Environmental Studies and Biology at the University of Oregon, a degree that led him to pursue photographic projects documenting environmental issues. His work on the protection of old growth forests against logging garnered him numerous awards, including PDN’s 30 Emerging Photographers and NPPA’s Best of Photography. He is currently working on his first book, which will be published by Powerhouse books in the spring of 2008. Christopher’s clients include Volvo, Newsweek, Time, Fortune, New York, The Fader, National Geographic Adventure, and other domestic and international publications. He splits his time between San Francisco and New York City.

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Matuschka is a Pulitzer Prize-nominee who studied at New York’s School of Visual Arts in the mid-seventies. Her accolades include the prize-winning 1993 cover of New York Times Sunday Magazine, the Rachael Carson Award for her work addressing environmental concerns and a Gold Award from the World Press Foundation. Her poster entitled “Time for Prevention” commissioned by Greenpeace won the Best Environmental Poster Award of 1996. The artist is also the recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts Grant and in 2003 her image entitled “Beauty Out of Damage” was chosen by Life magazine for their special edition, “One Hundred Pictures That Changed the World” since the camera was invented.

Known for her self-portraits and her chameleon-like performance before her own camera lens, Matuschka works in a variety of formats, including painting and film. The artist is most known for work that raises questions about identity, power and sexuality in an image-driven society. The artist’s images have been reprinted and exhibited in a wide variety of publications and museums, including the covers of the New York Times, McLeans, German Max, Professional Photography, News Austria, On The Issues, Emma Magazine, Das Magazin, El Mundo, FOTO, the Fraun Museum, Salt Lake City Art Center. Academic journals published by Oxford, Keio, Washington and Columbia University Presses continue to republish her images and exhibitions have been mounted in Germany and across America bi-annually since 1993. Matuschka also reaches a wider audience by appearing on numerous TV and Radio Talk shows including Charlie Rose, Nightline, the late Peter Jennings’ Worldwide News (Person of the Week), Jerry Springer and Phil Donahue. Most recently interviews and segments of her work aired on the Public Radio Program, “The Front Porch (NHPR)” with John Walters and the ARTE Channel produced by ZDF airing in both France and Germany.

Commenting on her series “The Ruins,” Matuschka says, “The female figure for me has always represented the core of being. A world of safety. A woman may explore the traumas and broken romances of the outer world, but she can always retreat to the warmth, fertility and nourishment of the form that is her own.”

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Tara Todras-Whitehall

Tara Todras-Whitehall is a photographer currently based in Cairo, Egypt. She moved to the region to focus more on projects about women’s issues, which is something she is very passionate about. She feels like ‘The West’ has a very narrowly focused view of what women in this region are about (e.g. FGM and veiling), and like anything else, there are always many more layers than what we see (spoken like a true therapist’s child). Tara’s goal is to create photo essays not only about what needs to be changed, but on things that are happening that are good for women in the region, and women who are making a difference.

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