Current Projects


Continuing outreach for Beauty Mark. Please contact us to have a showing of BM at your school, university, eating disorders center, athletic club, sports team etc.

Designing a nursing home model to provide spiritual eldering care for folks who don’t fit a traditional nursing home and want to share care, community, & resources.  The mission is to create a healthy supportive environment.

Working on an important project that addresses the prescription drug epidemic and out of control aftermath of both prescribed and recreational use of prescription drugs, particularly when mixed with alcohol.

Part of a team at a local university developing a counseling center to serve  the community at reduced cost.

Putting amazing spiritual & psychological teachers on the map through the use of multi media (books & cds).

Interim Counseling Track Director at Naropa University & adjunct faculty.

Ongoing Psychotherapy practice counseling with couples, body image, sexuality and addictions.

Oversee graduate student independent study projects.

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  1. Tobias Albrigtsen says:

    Dear Diane,
    It was truly great to meet you on the trails this morning. I enjoyed my run a lot more after meeting you; you definitely lifted my spirit. I hope we can meet again sometime and get to know each other better.
    Be well,

    Tobias Albrigtsen
    (I tried your aol account by it didn’t work)

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