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  1. Anne de Champlain says:

    Hi Diane,

    I heard your talk in the Eating Psychology webinar and found your DVD at my library and watched it yesterday. I wanted to say that you are such a vibrant and great role model. I’ve struggled with Anorexia in my teens and later bulimia. It’s been a long time since I’ve binged and purged but I’ve had this love / guilt relationship with food and exercise forever finding ways to balance myself. Control and overeating are still present in my life. I guess I started journaling when I was 12 as a way to quieten anxiety in myself as I couldn’t switch off my brain at night. I also took up exercising after a 5 month stay in Hospital when I was 15-16 as way to feel better in my body and it’s been a great help. I feel I’m healing still now that I’m 49 and learning to nurture myself and listen to my body (taking days off and so on). I’m so afraid of engaging in deep intimate relationships as well because I’ve developed this independence streak to stop myself from relying on anyone being there for me. This has become a safe way to be but I’m being challenged to step out of this and learn to be in relationship while still maintaining my boundaries as I’ve always been so sensitive to other people’s needs and so insensitive to mine.
    I feel humbled by the challenges that life brings me. At times I feel like I’m taking giant steps forward, at others I feel like I’m so deep into a hole, I might never come out. I guess that is part of the journey.
    I’m getting my coaching accreditation to start being a life and small business coach and loving it. I’ve worked on major events (Olympics and so on) for many years and it became more a endless drain of energy which never gave back and my experienced exposed me after working on 7 major events to the politics and the part of it I wasn’t aligned with.

    Anyway all this to say that I appreciate your willingness to tackle this subject and expose yourself to the world. It’s been such a journey for me and a wonderful “teacher” as well and I also have to learn to be grateful for having this coping mechanism as I’m sure I would have otherwise shriveled to nothing as a child/teenager.

    I was sorry to see that you lost your mother in early July. I lost my father in 2009 and it was a huge grieving process and in a way I know that loosing one’s mother (perhaps even more so for people like us…) would be the hardest thing. I hope the wounds of grief are healing as they do slowly and gently with time and wish you all the best going forward in your journey. I offer you my sincere condoleances.

    Warm regards

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